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Job: UX Design

* This job will use an Assembla job agreement

Desired service type:
Description, tasks, and duties

Assembla is looking for a highly creative UX designer that can design, build and improve user interfaces for and other applications. If you are innovative and highly-motivated, and have a track record of delivering easy-to-navigate, easy-to-understand, simple, and beautiful interfaces, we want to talk to you. You will deliver complete workflows with user interfaces that take our clients to the next level in user experience. We will start with drawings and mockups, make clear and readable HTML/CSS mockups, and then work directly in the application templates. The successful candidate should have a passion for solving complex problems and a deep understanding of user behavior. We are looking for a professional that is not just a gifted UI designer but also can install our Rails development environment and work effectively with our programmers in an incremental development process.

Summarize the opportunity. Why is this a good team, project and role?

We turn your inventive ideas and presentations into released product quickly. You can work at home, from an island in the Pacific (one of our team leaders moved to Hawaii) or from any other location. You will be working with a talented group of developers who are working on high-traffic applications with hundreds of thousands of users. Help build our fertile design and product marketing team. Assembla is a startup company with a unbroken record of profitable, self-funded growth. Learn more about Assembla at

Requirements: skills, experience, and availability
  • Understands principles of HCI, user interface and front-end design
  • Experience with SaaS application design and usability is strongly preferred; website design and usability is acceptable.
  • Experience improving usability of applications is strongly preferred.
  • Ability to understand Assembla users, their feedback, and data on their product usage; openness and willingness to utilize usability feedback to improve designs.
  • Can design user interfaces with use cases and mockups. Must be able to run a mockup process. Strong prototyping skill is highly desired.
  • Strong HTML and CSS capabilities, with cross-browser testing
  • Understands JavaScript concepts
  • Ability to work in a distributed environment with source code management; Assembla uses git.
  • Experience working in Ruby on Rails is a big plus.
Compensation, terms, and duration of job

This is a telecommuting position; work schedule and location are flexible. You can work at home or in a remote office with a computer, broadband networking, and skype phone/IM service. You make your own hours. Assembla offers a competitive hourly rate and pays weekly based on submitted statements within our time tracking and billing module. All successful candidates will begin with a two-week paid trial period. If that goes well, we will make long-term, full-time contract. We are building our team and we want to add top-notch UX design talent.

How should the candidate respond? What information is required? What is the trial task or qualifying process?

You should apply on-line through by creating a new user account. Click APPLY on this page. You need to specify your qualifications, rates, available hours and link any existing portfolio information so we can see your work. Selected candidates will be offered a paid trial. Those successful in trial will be offered a long term contract as mentioned above.

Time commitment
Target Start Date: 2013-05-14
Minimum hours per week: 35
Maximum hours per week: 60
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