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Artsenpraktijk Mol is an open source project powered by Assembla

Assembla offers free public and private SVN/Git repositories and project hosting with bug/issue tracking and collaboration tools.

Shows the number of tickets in each status column, over time. You can see work in progress, velocity, and bottlenecks. This report shows the shape of your iteration, Scrumban sprint, or Continuous/Kanban WIP. It requires a current milestone.

Representation of work remaining versus time. Use this report to monitor the progress of a Scrum sprint or release iteration.

See how fast tickets move concept to implementation in your current workflow. Understand where the process slows down and improve those parts.

Tickets assigned to each user. Click on a username to view a detailed user activity report. Use this report to balance load and report on productivity.

Shows tickets grouped by Priority. Click on a Priority to see a detailed list. Use this report to track important tasks.

Identify tickets that are have not changed status in X days. Use this report to manage work in progress and find problems.

Identify dependent tickets that are not progressing because the preceding ticket is not assigned or not in the current milestone or in lower priority or stuck. Use this report to identify potential bottlenecks.

Shows the estimate value completed in a rolling 4 week interval. Use this report to monitor performance from week to week.

Use the Stories Lifecycle report to keep track of the progress of your stories. Click on a story to go to the related tickets tab of each story to check the status of their child tickets

Shows tickets organized by Status. Click on a Status to see a detailed ticket list. Use this report to monitor work in progress.

Identify tickets that are not progressing due to a dependency on another ticket. Use this report to find the critical path items that people are waiting for.