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ImpressCMS Addons is an open source project powered by Assembla

Assembla offers free public and private SVN/Git repositories and project hosting with bug/issue tracking and collaboration tools.

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Please follow the guidelines below when submitting reports. The fastest way to get your bug fixed is to submit a patch, but we’ll do our best to help!
  • Before filing a new bug report, search the existing reports to make sure that your issue has not already been reported.
  • A bug should be understandable years later by someone who will never talk to the reporter or assignee. Make sure there is enough information in your report.
  • Be concise, but also make sure you have included all relevant information. Don’t assume the reader will have any context for what you are describing.
  • Enter a quick description of the problem, followed by the steps to reproduce it.
  • Version numbers are usually important. Where possible, mention versions of PHP, MySQL, ImpressCMS and modules.
  • Define any acronyms or potentially unfamiliar terms you use.
# Summary Status Created on


iForum : installation error on newer MySQL


Pagination not calculated correctly when filtering content


Content filtering bypassed in text fields


iForum : add default config item for profile visualisation