Testing and Development against SNAPSHOT

You sometimes want to test a fix for a ticket, or use it in development while waiting for the next milestone or release candidate.

Here are a few tips on getting you started:

  1. Clone the git repository at github using git pull <…>
  2. Change to the branch that contains the fix, git branch fixed_branch_name
  3. Assuming this is the first time do a
    ./liftsh update clean deliver publish-local
    from the framework directory; This may take some time…. (more details on building Lift are here Building_Lift)
  4. In your SBT project file, add this line at the top:
    val mavenLocal = "Local Maven Repository" at  "file://"+Path.userHome+"/.m2/repository"
  5. In your SBT project file, change the liftVersion to 2.X-SNAPSHOT
  6. Also in you SBT project file, uncomment the line // val scalatoolsSnapshot = ScalaToolsSnapshots

Finally, in your project directory, do an sbt update, and start testing/developing.