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REMUNERASI is an open source project powered by Assembla

Assembla offers free public and private SVN/Git repositories and project hosting with bug/issue tracking and collaboration tools.

Cloud Server Hosting

Need a Server to Host Your Project?

Developing great code is just the first step, then you need to find a hosting company that can help you deliver your project to the world. We run into this situation all the time at our sister company, Assembla Consulting, and have some recommendations about which hosting companies are reliable, offer a good deal, and can easily be deployed to from an Assembla repository.

VPS.NET Cloud Hosting

Price: Starting at $20 per month with 250GB of bandwidth included.

Benefits: Low Cost, High Quality, Bandwidth Bundled-In, Standard Linux OSs

Drawbacks: No Windows Servers

Ideal For: Prototyping a site a quickly and inexpensively

Save 25% when you sign up with our coupon code: ASSEMBLA

Rackspace Cloud Hosting

Price: Starting at $11 per month + bandwidth

Benefits: Extremely Low Cost, High Quality, Standard Linux OSs & Windows Servers

Drawbacks: Bandwith charges are a little pricey

Ideal For: Smaller sites with low bandwidth usage

Deploy Your Code Automatically!

If you're manually publishing code, starting builds, and deploying your web apps after each commit, you're developing the hard way!

Deploy automatically from both GIT and SVN Repositories

Subversion git 2

Schedule & deploy commits directly from Assembla

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