To have a better experience with Scala-IDE, this page try to collect information to help you configure eclipse, and avoid some Troubleshooting


The default Eclipse heap configuration is often inadequate for the Scala IDE. It is strongly recommended that you edit your eclipse/eclipse.ini to add the following lines increasing various heap limits and VM options:


The configuration above specifies a 1Gb maximum heap size. If the machine you are running the Scala IDE on has sufficient physical memory (eg. > 3GB) then specifying -Xmx2048m for a 2Gb heap might be beneficial.

If you are using a recent Oracle JVM you might also find it beneficial to add,


and if you are using the Oracle 64 bit JVM you should also add,


Required Preferences

The ScalaIDE use AOP to tweak JDT, so you need to enable JDT weaving, else scala files are managed as java file. So check if it enabled (else Click to ENABLE)

  Window > Preferences > JDT Weaving
  || JDT Weaving is currently ENABLED

Optional Preferences


GC activity and swap are killer : freeze eclipse,... full system.

So monitor and tweak when possible (may be, close your browser, flash apps,...).

Suggested Plugins

Nice keyboard shortcut